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We have a wide range of HDPE Plastic Bottles and Jars for the purpose of the segments mentioned below.

They comprise different sizes from 60 ml to 25 litres with different designs and they come in a bottleneck

fitting inserts/foils and bottle caps for firm closure.

Customization of the bottles and jars is available as well. We offer services from bottle design to mould customization or to use your mould to manufacture your own finish product.

We have readily available stocks in our warehouse. Get in touch with us today!

Food Packaging Bottles_Ansoon Superior.jpg
Food Packaging Bottles
Chemical Bottle_Ansoon Superior.jpg
Chemical Bottles
Personal Care Bottle_Ansoon Superior.jpg
Personal Care Bottles
Lubricant Bottle_Ansoon Superior.jpg
Lubricant Oil Bottles
Detergent Bottle_Ansoon Superior.jpg
Detergent Bottles
Pharmaceutical Bottle_Ansoon Superior.jpg
Pharmaceutical Bottles
Jerrycan_Ansoon Superior.jpg
General Use Bottle_Ansoon Superior.jpg
General Use
Others_Ansoon Superior.jpg
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